New Coding Ninja or New to Python?

For our dojos we will be using Python on The easiest way to get started is to fork or copy the Python code we have been working on already bi-monthly in our Saturday dojos. Forking someone else’s repl creates a copy of the repl in your account, which you can edit. If you are New to Python or need to catch go to our latest project and Click FORK is the code that will run, is a saved list of all the code we worked on. Copy blocks from and paste them into to run them.

Please set up an account on so that you can save the project we make during the Dojo. You will then be prompted to create a username and password, answer a few questions like what coding languages you prefer (your choice, just include Python 3) and if you’d like to start tutorials. You can click on the link again and our project will save to our account.

What’s Python? Python is popular for a wide range of tasks, from building websites like YouTube and Instagram to crunching numbers in science and big data. You can also build video games in it, though there are better choices for that. It also has the advantage of being a very readable language, quite close to plain English in a lot of places. (from Coderdojo)