What to expect at your first dojo?

This isn’t school.  CoderDojos are all about self-learning, and kids helping each other.  The kids go off and work on what they choose.   If you haven’t read about CoderDojo, I strongly recommend https://coderdojo.com/about/coderdojo-movement/

Our typical first timer flow is:

3:00-3:15       15mins – Intros-Ice Breakers

3:15-3:25       10 Mins – Logic Puzzles – Towers of Hanoi – 5 Steps

3:25-3:30       Breakout to Rooms

Setup Machines

Intro to Computer Programming

Download and Install coding apps

Scratch and Python Classrooms

 4:05-4:15       Back in Main Room: Mindfulness Code

4:15-4:45       Break Out

4:45-5:00       Recap Feedback


What to bring?

A laptop with the battery charged.


What to do before attending?

Review resources