Resources for Saturday Dojos

Resources for Saturday Dojos. Click URL Links below:

PCD Code@Home APR 10: We will be using Python on Please set up an account on so that you can save the project we make during the Dojo. If you are New to Python or need to catch go to

PCD Code@Home JAN 30 - MAR 27 Python on is the code that will run, and other files are saved list of all the code we worked on. Copy blocks from *.py files and paste them into to run them

PCD Code@Home JAN 16 CodePen:

PCD Code@Home DEC 5 CodePen:

PCD Code@Home NOV 14:

PCD Code@Home OCT 16:
Here's a similar project from the beginning Binary Hero Full Instructions:

PCD Code@Home OCT 3:
Here's a similar project from the beginning Ghostbusters Full Instructions:

PCD Code@Home SEP 19:

PCD Code@Home AUG 29:

PCD Code@Home Oct 31 Worksheets:  Images and links to PDF Worksheets






Sushi cards for Upcoming/ Past Dojos

Ninjas learn basics of coding with Scratch, the visual programming language to create animations/games.

Ninjas learn more advanced Scratch, while creating some awesome visualisations.

Introduction to Python, for first-time programming Ninjas before to make games and programs in Python.
Ninjas learn to build their first web pages, including headings, links, images, tables and formatting. Learn to build a website in HTML

Programming Resources – a good order for starting out