Resources for Saturday Dojos. Click URL Links below:

PCD Code@Home JAN 16: We will be using Scratch: Please set up an account on Scratch so that you can save the project we make during the Dojo.

PCD Code@Home DEC 5 CodePen:

PCD Code@Home NOV 14:

PCD Code@Home OCT 16:
Here's a similar project from the beginning Binary Hero Full Instructions:

PCD Code@Home OCT 3:
Here's a similar project from the beginning Ghostbusters Full Instructions:

PCD Code@Home SEP 19:

PCD Code@Home AUG 29:

PCD Code@Home Oct 31 Worksheets:  Images and links to PDF Worksheets






Sushi cards for Upcoming/ Past Dojos

Ninjas learn basics of coding with Scratch, the visual programming language to create animations/games.

Ninjas learn more advanced Scratch, while creating some awesome visualisations.

Introduction to Python, for first-time programming Ninjas before to make games and programs in Python.
Ninjas learn to build their first web pages, including headings, links, images, tables and formatting. Learn to build a website in HTML

Programming Resources – a good order for starting out